Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to Pick a Ripe Tomato

You can use your eyes...look for a truly red color, all the way around the fruit.

You can use your fingers, squeezing a bit to see if the flesh is beginning to give.

I suppose you could even use your sense of smell; I bet that's what Rosie does.

Or, you could do as we do, and follow the advice of the nearest rabbit.


  1. Poor wabbit has to eat too. Maybe put up a sign that says "Rabbit Season" and that will keep it away.

  2. Oh no!!! Great post- very clever. :) Silly rabbit...

  3. Oh, very funny! At least the rabbit showed good taste - you must grow great tomatoes!

  4. lol!

    Perhaps you've been visited by Bunnicula!

    (Have you read the book? Very clever!)

    My husband asked me if I was going to plant some tomatoes in our new garden this summer. He loves them. But I'm terribly allergic to tomato vines(think poison ivy-like rash).


  5. Is this from your garden this year? It is barely consistenty warm enough for me to even put them is the ground yet, and now I think it's too late. I love, love, love garden tomatoes. I think you have a waskily wabbit amongst you.

  6. Mary, welcome, and yes, this is about our third "rabbit approved" tomato so far. On the other hand, it's been in the upper- and mid-90s for the past two weeks, so I wouldn't mind trading weather for a couple of days!

  7. Great post, we put in a second garden this year. It never occurred to me that putting one beside the driveway would be a favorite deer hang-out. I never see them but I guess deer are a lot earlier risers than I am, anyway lots of deer tracks. I am finding out deer like pepper plants and I am sure my corn is next on their menu! Good luck with the rabbits!


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