Sunday, August 21, 2011

Up a Creek

For those of you more interested in our new custom-built closet, you can scroll on past this entry.  For the rest of us, how about another visit to the US National Whitewater Center?

Last week and this week, Miss Chef signed herself up for classes in whitewater kayaking.  I opted out, feeling that I really don’t have the strength to do a roll underwater and (more importantly) back up.  Last week’s class was a “sampler,” where they learned the basics of entering and exiting the water, paddling, and how it feels to find yourself upside-down.

Today’s class was a roll clinic.  Sounds nice and dry, doesn’t it?  It was, for me.  I stayed onshore and snapped a few pics.

Like a clinic, it was also a little boring for me.  It started out like this:

usnwc 08 03

That would be the instructor towing Miss Chef and a colleague from the school out into the water.  He stood in waist-deep water the whole time, giving them detailed information about paddling, rolling and who knows what else.

Since there were only two students, he took turns showing them how to use their balance and paddles.  Miss Chef practiced her paddling while the instructor worked with Chef Mark.  These kayaks are smaller and lighter than the ones we're used to, and are so maneuverable that every stroke tends to swing you right or left.

usnwc 08 09

See that “waterfall” behind her?  Those are the enormous turbines bringing water back to the top of the channels.  I don’t remember how many gallons a minute they can pull, but it’s a lot.  Lots of a lot.

Since there was a lot of standing around and talking, I decided to wander around and take some pictures to show you a little more of the Whitewater Center.

Here's the kayak barn:

The umbrella stand to the right is where we pick up our paddles and PFDs (personal flotation devices = lifejackets) when we head down to the river for flatwater kayaking.

Here are some staff members launching a raft from the raft barn.

This shot shows the area where rafters meet their guides and get on board the rafts.  In the background you can see part of the rock-climbing walls.  Beyond that is the main building with the shop and restaurant, and even further is the zip line that carries you across both channels of the whitewater runs.  (If you squint really really hard, you can see the lines going out of frame to the left.)

Have I mentioned there's a lot to do at the Whitewater Center other than Whitewater stuff?

Back in Miss Chef's clinic, they had moved on to this…whatever this is...

usnwc 08 11

And then there was some actual rolling…sort of.

There were to be no trips down the whitewater channel, so at this point I took off, to do some flatwater kayaking by myself.  It was pretty quiet out on the river.  I saw a lot of fish, including a couple good-sized sunfish-looking ones that came to the surface to inspect a fallen cicada.

I went downstream far enough to find an osprey.  (I zoomed way in and cropped the photo, so it looks like I'm closer than I really was.)

usnwc 08 18b

Then I went back up the creek.  I soon came upon what looked like a confluence of two currents, though there was no other water coming in.

usnwc 08 20

Turned out to be a shoal of hundreds of tiny baby fish--you can make out a few of them just above my paddle.  I saw several of these shoals and realized this creek must serve as a kind of nursery for the river.  No wonder there are so many birds hanging around in here!

I also stopped to snap the flowers.

usnwc 08 21

And that was about all the excitement on my hour-long relaxing trip.  After I paddled back to the dock, I went up to find the chefs enjoying a beer at the restaurant.  Dunking, then drinking…sounds about right.  Since I had stayed upright, I settled for a pink lemonade.

Either way, we were all better off than our hippie friend from Paris.

We had paddles.


  1. Nice! I had to go through training last week to get certified as a canoe instructor, but anything like rolling in a kayak is still way beyond me. The osprey is probably more my thing. :)

  2. Looks like a lovely day.

  3. Sounds like you made the most of the day. Kayaking has never been for me. I have legs. I want to use them.

  4. Actually, Betty, to be a total smartass, but not using her legs was part of Miss Chef's early difficulties in these kayaks. It's really a full-body workout.

  5. lol! That last photo and your words cracked me up. So fun!

    Speaking of fun. The Whitewater place is awesome! I would love to visit there and spend the day kayaking. Lucky you...and Miss Chef! But the rolling under water does sounds a little un-nerving. Did she ever make it all the way around?


  6. Lisa, no, she never did. Chef Mark did, once. I have to say, I have a lot more respect for the kayakers I watch playing in the whitewater now!

  7. The story telling was wonderful... lol.

    I think I'd be scared of getting trapped under the water! I'll pass on that activity. I'll stand off to the side with you!

  8. Even the thought of an underwater roll makes me queasy...No thanks! Please tell Miss Chef she has my admiration!

  9. I would've been happy to be up on shore with you. I've been kayaking, but the thought of rolling in a kayak terrifies me. I'm not sure why...

  10. I think the reason I"ve never tried kayaking is because I totally fear that rolling thing... cool to see pics from the vantage point I'd have been at as well.

  11. Looks like a good time was had by all - I do admire Miss Chef for her fortitude on that rolling business. I would not be a happy camper. For the "stats" thing, go to the blogger dashboard as if you are going to write a new post. On the far right is a "stats" link and you can click on it. On the first page which is "overview", click on the "all time" button to show the stats for the entire time your blog has existed. To the bottom left, you will see the posts that have the most page views, etc. You can click on some of the other links, such as "audience" to see where your viewers are, etc. :)

  12. Coooel. I'm very jealous!
    Have enjoyed catching up here!
    Your closet makes me feel shameful tho.
    BTW - your funny "eat organic..." pic inspired me to google the company where I then wasted too much time lmao! ;-)


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