Monday, August 8, 2011

Yoo Hoo!

Yup, still here!  I don't understand why I feel so short of time, since I haven't been teaching since June.  I think part of it is Miss Chef's new schedule--they moved her morning classes up by an hour to 5:30 am, so her alarm goes off at 3:30 three days a week.  I get to stay in bed another couple of hours, but being jarred awake in the middle of the night by BOOP BOOP BOOOP tends to interrupt one's sleep cycle.  So I think I'm just draggy, and not getting things done when I'm at home.  I'm just sitting around playing Angry Birds, waiting for bedtime.  :-)

So I just wanted to pop up a little something here to let you know I'm still alive!  The latest news...Miss Chef joined a gym and is meeting with a personal trainer three times a week (somehow she found another end of her candle to burn...), Flartus has subsequently joined the gym (very recently; no progress to report yet), Ma and Pa Flartus came for a very quick visit this past weekend (Ma hates it when I call her that but I'm doing it anyway), and on August 19th we get our new custom closet installed!  yay!

And, in spite of the fact our farmers' market attendance has been quite spotty, when I saw this today I knew it really ought to be shared.

PS Rosie says hi, and why can't she have more treats, dangit!?


  1. Who in the world schedules a class that starts at 5:30 IN THE MORNING??!! What are Miss Chef's bosses thinking?! I used to think of myself as a morning person, but even in my perkiest days I would have been grumpy as hell if I had to teach at that hour of the day. Miss Chef deserves a medal!

  2. Poor Miss Chef! Poor you! That just isn't right!

  3. Holy crap. That's too busy for me and I'm with Miriam... who the hell schedules class so early?

  4. Miss Chef needs to get some sort of shock collar to wake her up so you can get your beauty sleep.

    Lots going on in your house! Rock on, Flartus! We love you!

  5. 5:30 am classes? People here in KS must like to sleep in, I have never even heard of classes that early. She has a lot more gumption than I do if she is getting up that early and still going to a gym too! Good for you both!

  6. Heh, love the "food" poster :)


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