Friday, January 2, 2009

Dog Training

Things I've learned, not FROM my dog, but by living with a dog. Some of these may apply to the humans in your pack, as well.

1. Yes, it stinks, but it's just poop.

2. Dog hair will creep into everything you own. Be very careful when cooking for others.

3. Routines are good. It's nice to be able to predict exactly how she'll react.

4. Once you get through the training, you forget what a pain in the butt it was. Your next dog will remind you, though.

5. You have to teach them as puppies to get out of the way of your moving feet, or they'll never quite get it down.

6. It's harder to remember they're not people when they look sad.

7. Dogs know that laughter is a happy sound.

8. Laughing when something goes wrong is more fun than fuming.

9. You must either lower your cleanliness standards, or becoming obsessive about cleaning.

10. Emotional attachment to your possessions can be risky, and is generally unadvisable.

11. It's easier to put a dog on a diet than yourself.

12. One exception can ruin months of training to a rule.

13. No matter how special your dog is, there are some things it just wasn't meant to do.

14. Young children are either terrified of dogs, or magnetically attracted to them. There are hardly any in-betweens.

15. Dog people can talk for hours and still not know each other's names.

16. Loving dogs is not just a phase.

17. There are definite similarities between dogs and children, but children cost more. And they live longer.

18. Keep the toys to three or fewer if you want to be able to walk across a room in the dark.

19. Most dogs are not like cats--if someone doesn't like dogs, they will eventually be ignored. Thank God.

20. Your dog's breath stinks for a reason--don't let her lick your face.

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  1. All facinating truths that also apply to horses! I have missed your posts and YOU. Glad to have you back Flartus.


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