Saturday, January 17, 2009

Quick Thoughts

Wish I'd had this to add to my October "Boob Tube" post (click for larger view):


Today, I'm thankful for...earmuffs!! Miss Chef "dragged" me to the farmer's market this morning. It was kinda fun; the farmers were happy to see us, but man, my toes were cold. My ears, however--toasty!


I suggest we rewrite typical ethnic stereotypes to: White people are lazy.

Every summer since we moved in, there has been an irregular flow of kids coming to our door, asking if they can earn a few bucks mowing the lawn. We've even taken some of them up on their offers. I'd guess the ethnic makeup of our neighborhood is 60% white, 30% black, 10% Hispanic. Of the teens looking to sweat for a few dollars? 100% black. (I loved the kid who roped his sister and her friend into doing the talking for him, 'cause he's so shy. It worked!)

We also frequently get flyers in or on our mailbox from local entrepreneurs offering services in landscaping, siding, construction and other skilled, manual jobs. 90% of them have names like Garcia (granite countertops) or Rojas (carpentry). As the child of a small-business owner, I understand the hard work involved not only in these fields of labor, but in just getting a company off the ground and making a profit. I tip my hat (if not my wallet) to them. And if my white ass weren't so lazy, I might even have some money to hire these guys!


I finally found the missing Christmas boxes. They were in the shed, one of them mysteriously lying on its side. I think Miss Chef tossed them in there last, ahem, March. I'm guessing that we don't really need whatever's inside, since we happily managed to get through the holiday season without it this year. I'm also guessing I have very little chance of getting rid of it, either.


  1. That's so funny. Larry is always moving my shit. It's a joke between us now. If something is missing, I will automatically blame him, no question. Works great until we both realize it was ME in my menopause mentality that did the moving. (Hehehe, I'm so cute).

    I know we have a problem in this country with illegal aliens, and I really think there needs to be some tough legislation to get the situation solved. That said, Mexican people are some of the loveliest hardest working, long suffering folks on earth. I would just love for them to be here legally. You?

  2. I think, instead of trying to legislate against a whole bunch of individuals, we need to address the root of the problem: extreme economic disparity between two neighbors. I have no idea how that would best be done, though. It's Mexico's problem that has become ours.

    I can empathize with those individuals: I don't think I'd care very much about breaking another country's laws, if I were that desperate. Unless I was gonna end up in a gulag, and I don't think the US wants to be that kind of country.


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