Saturday, March 24, 2012


Justina at Morning Bray Farm shared an easy way to take glamorous close-ups at home.  Since she chose a beautiful stargazer lily as her subject, you know I just had to try it out myself.

flowers 03 02


Is it bragging if I tell you this iris came from our yard?  Well, maybe not if I confess these bulbs were planted by a previous owner, and all we’ve had to do is be sure to mow around them.


flowers 03 03


For those who haven’t seen Justina’s post, here’s the setup:

flowers 03 05


Foil on a table and tissue paper on a window.  Pretty low-tech, huh?  Especially if you could see the table sitting on a couple of boxes, to bring it up high enough to meet the window.  Unfortunately, ours have those false mullions on them (the rectangle thingies), so I had to work around them.  We also don’t have that powerful New Mexico sun (and are having rainstorms as I type this), so I had to up the brightness on mine.

Which is fine, since it hides the wrinkles in the tissue paper on the window!  Here’s a before-and-after of another one, where the stupid mullion had to intrude.


flowers 03 06













And just for fun, here’s another shot of the set-up that makes me feel all artisty and stuff.

flowers 03 04


I think between the flower, the new camera and Miss Chef’s Alain Ducasse cookbook, this is a microcosm of our interests.

Thanks, Justina, for the inspiration.  And just in time for the whole growing season!


  1. You did it! :) :) :) And you took my breath away...beautiful! And irises are another favorite of mine. :)

    I'm smiling from ear to ear, Flartus. :D Woot-woot!!!

  2. Aw shucks! So glad it made you smile.

  3. I think you did a fine job! Your photos are beautiful!

  4. Very well done! I might even give this a try if we ever get flowers! I love your little tripod.

  5. Wow! Very touching photos; I'll give this "truc" a try when I have flowers...

  6. Irises are so beautiful, and you've captured that well.

    That's a neat trick with the foil and tissue. Will pass that on to the photographer in the family. It looks easier than constructing a light box.

  7. Thank you, everyone! I'll definitely have to try this with the next thing that blooms!

  8. Looks simple enough even for me! Although I confess I like the last photo best as it tells the story of you.

  9. So cool! Hey, if I sat on a foiled table and put tissue on the window behind me, do you think I'd look as good as that iris? Hummm?


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