Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Renfrow Hardware Store

The land owned by the Renfrows, right next to this store, is where the Matthews Community Farmers' Market thrives today.  Right across the street is the restaurant where Miss Chef works.

You really should come for a visit.


  1. What a great video! I love old stores like this and certainly hope people support their community by shopping locally!

  2. I am so very grateful this store is still there. My trusty aluminum watering can is from here. So is our pressure cooker/canner. And a lot of our spare keys. :)

  3. I could spend all day long in that store and still want to come back for more. What a fantastic place....

    And what was he putting in his Pepsi?

    xo jj

  4. Joanna, I'm so glad you asked! Peanuts in a cold Pepsi--a classic southern treat.

    Of course, I've never tried it myself... :)

  5. I was wondering what he put in his drink too - mmm, sounds good!

    I'd love to visit a store like that. The seed packages alone would be worth it.

  6. Yeah, I've found myself standing by the garden with seed packets in my hand, wondering where I planned to put them all.

  7. I couldn't believe all the seeds!


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