Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mini Garden Update

It’s been twelve days since I finished grubbing up weeds from the garden bed and let loose with the vegetable seeds.  Days later I started seeing tiny little seedlings….way, way more than I had sown.  Today, most of the area I sowed looks like this:




Somewhere along here, running left to right, is a fairly straight line of beets.  How the heck are you supposed to weed this mess?

I mean, can you even tell if there are any beet seedlings coming up at all?




How about now?




Yeah, I think I might wait a bit longer before trying to distinguish the invitees from the garden crashers.  I don’t feel like lying on my stomach with a magnifying glass and tweezers.

Here’s what my carrots look like.




Hard to tell apart from the persistent grass shoots coming up from those ubiquitous runners.  I’m not too worried about weeding right now, as I’m just relieved things are germinating.

It’s much easier to tell the ambitious little radishes from the weeds!




As a reward for sitting through all these ground-grubbing photos, here’s something pretty to look at!





…and these!  We picked these up at Home Depot…because it was open on a Sunday morning, and I really, really needed to plant something!  They’re called lithodora, and I’ve never heard of them and don’t know much about them beyond they’re a perennial ground cover for full sun…but sheeesh, can you blame me?




So far they seem very happy where I planted them, so I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll be coming back year after year.

I hope you have good things coming up in your days, too!


  1. The Professor spent Sunday building containers for his mini vegetable garden. My black thumbs are not allowed near his plants, but I admire his handiwork from the dining room window.

  2. To tell the truth, I enjoy the veggie pictures as much as the flowers, although that electric blue fella is just beautiful - no wonder you had to take that home!

    We have had two days of unusually warm weather ("shorts weather") for our region, and the crocuses have bloomed. They are in for a surprise tomorrow, though - there are snow flurries in our forecast.

  3. Garden time!
    Cheers for germination!
    Darn the weeds!

  4. I'm glad I can post pictures of my microscopic seeds 'n' weeds and have people actually enjoy them. :D

  5. Ha ha - that's just how long our barren winter is up here in the Great White North - we'll look at anything green :)

  6. When I was contemplating my first vegetable garden (before I ever actually got my hands dirty, mind you) I read you should weed an empty bed, then go back about 10 days later and weed again, to nab all those weeds jolted into life by your first weeding, at which point the bed would be safe to start vegetables. "How sensible," I thought. "I must remember to do that." At that point in time I was not yet acquainted with the Irresistible Spring Force that turns gardeners into zombies that wander the garden saying "I must plant, I must plant." Now it's three years later, and do you think I have ever put that good advice to use?

  7. Miriam, I don't think I've ever heard that rule of thumb...but it does sound sensible. And if I happen to remember it next year, I might even try to follow it!

  8. Things germinating in your garden! You showoff, you! Sniff sniff.

  9. I can't subscribe to your comments via email. Try switching comment form types until Blogger fixes it?

    The garden thing. Uhhhh, I'm still fond of the produce section at the grocery store. I feel like I'm helping to put someone through college or something.


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