Thursday, March 15, 2012


Most of these spill past one line, but the idea is a collection of randomness.  I guess you could consider it a minimalist version of Friday Fragments.  No photos; I’ve been literally working from dawn to dusk.  Tonight is overcast, so no moon photos either.

It’s gotten up to 80 degrees the last couple days here, and the flowering Bradford pear trees are going nuts.  Every evening as I drive into our neighborhood, smelling the heavy pollen, I have to think, “Thank God for Singulair.”

I admire a dog’s outlook: after spending ten hours alone in a stuffy house, Rosie doesn’t whine about her boring, uncomfortable day like I would.

We have tiny, itsy-bitsy radishes peeking out of the ground!  And maybe some carrots; it was hard to tell in the dusk.

The daffodils are done, the tulips are beautiful, the phlox is just winking awake.

Reading the archives of my own blog, I see that Miss Chef and I used to have even less time to be together, and I remind myself to be grateful.

After 40 years, I am finally learning to stand up straight, thanks to yoga.

Are there any other animals besides humans that have bad posture and have to learn what their bodies should know instinctively?

Loved these quotes from The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran AdriĆ£’s elBulli:

“As a society…we track down the best artisanal cheeses, make lists of restaurants where we must eat before we die, and blog about the short ribs we cooked for dinner.”  (omg, that’s me!)

“The long hours, the scars and burns, the knife skills, the verbal abuse, the perfectionism, the flavor profiling…” (She writes about kitchens the way I wish I could.)

Last weekend we went to the US National Whitewater Center for the first time this season, and never got wet!

Oh ok, here’s a picture:

usnwc chase 01

This is one of the server’s sons, who busses at the restaurant, and whom Miss Chef has “adopted” as a nephew (since our actual nephews are so far away!)  He’s 14, and she’s been wanting to take him to the Whitewater Center.  He’s on one of the new adventure courses, 20 feet in the air.  I will probably have to give it a try next time (notice the harness and helmet).  Instead, this time I tried the 1,000+ foot zipline that starts 46 feet in the air (that’s higher than you think it is, trust me).  I was terrified peeing my pants scared, but I knew I could do it.  Took me three times before I felt ok with it, though!

That was way longer than one line.

Some of my favorite blogs are my favorites because their authors respond to most or all of their comments. I’d like to try doing that, too.

Also notice I’ve added a little pseudo-twitter on the sidebar.  I plan to keep it filled with “one-liners” and updates, to make up for those days that I just don’t have time to blog!  Thanks to Natalie of Chickenblog for the inspiration. Winking smile


  1. How much fun to have an 'adopted' nephew to take to neat places. It's been quite a few years since I have done anything close to this... but it was fun when I screwed up enough courage to go for it!
    I enjoyed your one-liners. I may adopt the format some day... if that's OK!

  2. We're hoping to do that adventure course this weekend--another chance to screw up my courage. I'm glad you liked the one-liners...feel free to play with them!

  3. Congrats on the posture improvement. It's hard to make a change like that.

    It's warming up here, and hopefully we'll see a flower in a month or so. Meanwhile, thanks for sharing yours.

  4. Blogger's followup comments by email isn't working so you may want to switch comment forms until resolved.

  5. Garret, you goal is to get you to obsessively check my blog several times a day.

  6. That's an interesting question about posture in animals other than man. I wonder. Maybe it has something to do with gravity and having to stand up rather than go on four legs ... if I'm tired I slouch like the dickens :)

  7. I bet there's some causal relation between "slouch" and "couch."

  8. Oh lord! I could never do that 20 foot in the air thing! Wow, that looks really high and really scary (I'm a wimp)

    Your one-liners are terrific. I know how you feel when you quite an allergy medicine commercial. Mine are killing me these days.

    Rosie sounds like the sweetest dog ever! If I could be guaranteed a dog as good as she is, I might consider getting one.

    Have a fantastic week jj

  9. Go adopt an adult dog--you know exactly what you're getting!


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