Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I’m a Winner!

And gosh darn it, people like me.

Do you all remember the, uh…NIAFPHFPPW meme I got involved in a week or so ago? Yeah, well, I kinda sorta forgot it was actually a contest, not just some lame meme.  And thanks to my Gumby weightlifting photo, I was one of six winners chosen sort-of at random.  Yabu’s partner in crime, Juju woman, provided handmade stained-glass ornaments as prizes, but of course, I got the prettiest one.



How did she know my favorite color is blue??  She’s good, that’s how.  Notice the little bead decoration?  Extra cuteness!

In other news, our Full Fall Festivities have already begun.  I’d forgotten that the Matthews Farmers’ Market annual BBQ dinner was Tuesday night.  We (well, Miss Chef mostly) scored free tickets, thanks to our volunteering time.  Miss Chef picked me up after work and we then proceeded to get stuck in stupid, stupid rush-hour traffic there was no reason to be stuck in (because it was really stupid traffic).

We parked behind the restaurant (which is across the street from the market), eager to get over there before the food ran out, and before Miss Chef got too cranky from being so hungry.  As Miss Chef was discovering she couldn’t find the tickets, Chef Adam materialized from nowhere.  So we stopped for awhile to chat outside the back patio.  We talked about the new sous-chef, the old line cook, and next quarter’s schedule at the school.  It took awhile before we could break free and make it to the BBQ.

Miss Chef never did find the tickets, but everybody knows us, and things were winding down, so there was no problem getting some plates and a place in line.  Scratch-made potato rolls, smoked pork, a selection of local bbq sauces, and tons of sides, all donated by local chefs.  The volunteers said hello and loaded our plates—and Chef Charles gave me an extra tartelette normande.  Phew, too much food!

We found a couple of empty chairs at one of the long tables, and entered into conversation with the couple across from us.  Naturally, once people learn Miss Chef’s profession, the talk tends to center around food.  Which is fine, as, y’know, we’re both kind of into that.  At one point Bruce, another volunteer, stepped up to offer us some illicit zinfandel.  All in all, we felt quite welcomed.

Unfortunately for you, I didn’t think to take the camera out until we were just about ready to leave.  But I couldn’t resist a photo of the flower arrangements, especially when I saw the Cheerwine bottle (a NC favorite).

market bbq


We stopped in the restaurant on the way out, to say hello and goodbye to a few other people.  Again, a great feeling of being welcomed and yes, loved.

This Sunday we’ve been invited to an annual event of the Alliance Française, called a méchoui.  That’s a north African name for a whole-lamb roast, in the old fashioned spit-over-flames style. However, the local Alliance has made it into an entire afternoon garden party, with tons of food, wine, and a whole collection of local chefs.  Miss Chef helped out last year, and she just knows I’ll have a great time.  French for me, food for her, what’s not to like?

If y’all are lucky, I might remember to actually use the camera this time.


  1. Hey, you're a winner in my book!
    I've never tried Cheerwine. I'll look for it when I visit NC. I've been threatening my brother with a visit for a long time.

  2. Beautiful shot of those bouquets! And nice going with the contest - I heart those beads too. Gumby WAS awesome :)

  3. I've still never had Cheerwine but then again, I don't do cola, soda, pop or whatever and actually hate carbonated anything.


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