Friday, April 24, 2009

Bear With Me...

Working on some changes case you hadn't noticed. It make take a few days!


  1. LOVE that header!!!

  2. Why, thank you! My computer's running too dang slow to finish this up tonight...grrr...woof!

  3. love the new header.

    You asked about the chickens (plus we have 4 turkeys). They will have limited free range. For their protection, sleep roosting in a locked pen at night, during the day, out and about but within a fenced area. Yes, they put themselves to bed at night and we just lock the door.

    I love Farmers Market life! My spirit will be with y'all in the morning.

  4. LOVE your header photo. Rosie chillaxing...

  5. We'll be waiting!! Yep. I'll be right here.

    Nancy in Atlanta


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