Monday, February 2, 2009

A Day in the Life

I've posted a couple of times about my walks with Rosie, so I thought I'd try to take you along with me. This was a nice Sunday afternoon walk, so I took a couple of detours I might not take during the week.

First step, out the door, then Rosie knows to sit politely to be leashed.

Not patiently, but politely.

The daffodils started poking up through the mulch a week or so ago. There is a curiously empty spot in the middle of this bed which does not bode well for our spring color. I also added some tulip bulbs in here last fall; I hope I didn't disturb the slumbering 'dils too much

This is my view as we head down the sidewalk. At least, until an interesting smell pulls Rose off to the side.

First we head to the park...our neighborhood's common area. This is one of three entrances.

And here we are. There are three of these charming little footbridges, which I'm sure I'll be hearing lots about during our HOA board meetings! They require regular maintenance.

This new playground equipment went in last year, with some controversy over the money spent on it. But it gets lots of use, and having people walking around the neighborhood keeps the place alive, and safe. Miss Chef's and my only disappointment is that they didn't buy it from the company her mom works for.

This wooded area backs the pond. There's a cow pasture behind, but the cows were in the barn this afternoon, watching the Super Bowl pregame show and making nacho dip, I guess.

Me and my shadow's shadows. They look so much nobler than we.

Ah, the ducks, panicking along the shoreline instead of just getting in the water. You know how dogs whimper and twitch in their sleep? This is what Rosie is dreaming about. She actually killed the mother of these two, by going after her on her nest back in the woods. I had no idea she was back there, and by the time I got to her, she was probably in shock. The duck, I mean...Rosie was just peachy. Bad dog.

Oooo, new friends! A couple of cuties, too. This is the only beagle I've seen who didn't bark!

These geese are wild, and therefore smarter than the ducks.

On the way out of the park: Was that a cat?!!!???

Grates: one of the very few things which make Rosie nervous.

And our welcoming committe: the Barkersons. These two dogs live directly across the street from us and bark at everything that moves up and down the sidewalk. When we moved in, I dubbed them Joe and Sparky Barky. I have since learned their names are Frisco (the hound) and Cody (the lab). They are no less annoying. Cody's not a barker, but he's the most aloof and unfriendly lab I've ever met.

So that's it! Thanks for coming along. Sorry, you missed the poop pick up, the multiple scent markings and my and Rosie's wrangling over her propensity to grab, um, "snacks" up from goose territory. But I figured you could do without all that.


  1. Thanks for the walk! Looks like a grand time was had by all.

  2. I love this little peek into your life!! What fun! Rosie is such a beauty!

  3. I needed that walk, thanks Flar.

    I know it took a little bit of coordination to walk a dog, scout for good photo ops, and actually shoot the pictures - so you have my respect and appreciation.

    Now what is this about Rosie killing a duck????????!!!!!!

  4. Oh! Uh, Sorry, guess I should have warned you. If it's any consolation, I did knock on the door of the people who "own" them, with sad duck in hand. They put her in a dog crate overnight (the other ducks were attacking her, their own mother!), but she didn't make it through the night. She was pretty old for a duck, they told me. And she raised 8 babies by herself!


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