Sunday, February 15, 2009

Miss Chef Rides the Train

Miss Chef is a huge Curious George fanatic, so I think I'll play with some CG-inspired headlines. At least until I get bored!

I know you all have been on pins and needles, waiting to see how my hostessing gig went. Well, I'm too tired to tell you, so I'm just gonna post some pictures from our little field trip today, and compose a more complete description tomorrow.

I will tell you that the hostessing gig actually went very well, and all the staff--front and back of house--had a very smooth night. Miss Chef and I didn't get home until after midnight, and slept until about 8:00 this morning. We then spent about two hours actually getting up. It was nice that we were on the same wavelength for once, instead of one of us being ready to go, and the other needing a little quiet time.

We had made plans to get together with some friends for brunch, at a sort-of upscale restaurant in Charlotte's South End (which is, naturally, just south of the downtown area). We took the relatively new commuter train, the Lynx, because we wanted to make a couple of stops.

I was a big fan of the Lynx from its conception, and dragged my parents on it during its inaugural weekend. Since I lived in Paris for a year, commuting by metro, I was excited to see mass transit get some serious backing here. Miss Chef was a bit unsure of it, but after taking it uptown a few times, she's even more into it than I am! Here she is, getting ready to hop on today.

The stations are nicely designed, with motifs reflecting nature and local themes.

I particularly like this cotton-themed station, which happens to be the one right in front of our brunch restaurant today. "Please exit right!"

After brunch, Miss Chef and I headed further up the line to Reids, a local grocery store that has a great wine selection as well as a lot of North Carolina foods.

Between brunch and Reid's I managed to spend all but about $2.00 of what I earned last night! But at least it won't be on my credit card.

After we got home this afternoon, Miss Chef and Rosie accompanied me around the neighborhood, while I delivered the annual meeting minutes for the HOA board. I was very glad that it wasn't typically February-cold, but tonight I find myself with a sore throat and a cough. So I am doctoring myself with herbal tea and hot crispy baguette from Reid's, and watching Miss Chef play with her Playstation 1. Not the exciting life you might expect from the wife of a chef, but I want nothing more right now. Except maybe some hot chocolate...hmmm....

Oh, and I should also mention: goat-cheese caramel sauce on warm baguette is a yummy treat!


  1. That baguette sounds far more yummy and comforting and satisfying that my bowl of Fruity Pebbles!

    Loved this "day in the life" post.

    And love your new pic- love seeing you!!

  2. sounds ike a good day until you got sick.

  3. Great post! Sounds like an interesting day!

  4. I actually had a dream last night that I was at some sort of unusual food fair with Michelle Obama. We were trying exotic meats. The only one I can remember was wolf. As you can imagine, it tasted like chicken. HOWEVER, at one of the booths, someone was selling Mason jars of what looked goat-cheese caramel sauce. I got so excited, but when I opened the jar, it smelled like a goat.

  5. CC, I promise you, there is nothing of the smell of goat about this sauce! But I have to admit I'm rather flattered that something from my blog ended up in a reader's dreams. Maybe next time you'll get a chance to taste it...


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