Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What I'm Reading Now

Ok, I finally made it to the library, and have started into another book. It's about a guy who works as a grip in the movie industry (clicking on the pic will take you to the book's website). I have several friends from college who have gone on to work in tv and film, so I thought it would be interesting to get an inside look at what all those other hundreds of people are up to whom we never see onscreen.

I'm on page 37, and I like it so far! The author was a key grip, so he knows whereof he speaks...or writes. I think I will be getting that education I was looking for.

I'm also reading this little spoof of the Dangerous Book for Boys (and Girls). It's hard for me to read a lot at one sitting, so I'm just reading a little before I get ready for bed. My favorite chapter name is "Foul Smells Every Dog Should Roll In." I don't think I'll write any kind of review of this--dog lovers/owners will find it amusing, others will find it pointless.

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  1. "Foul Smells Every Dog Should Roll In"....I think my dogs have already read that book. :)


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