Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Miss Chef Fries Up Some Flapjacks

Miss Chef and I are finally feeling normal, I guess. I think that is the reason we had such an enjoyable night together on Wednesday. A good thing, too, since she found out her Chef will have a different teaching schedule next quarter, putting Miss Chef back on evening shift all week. So we'll only have one evening together during the week.

But that leaves us another month to appreciate each other's company! We've kinda slipped on the making-dinner-like-big-people habits since we were both sick, and haven't managed to plan or thaw anything for dinner. Or so I thought.

A couple of days ago, Miss Chef had mentioned something about pancakes and bacon, but I assumed it was a flu-related craving for sweet stuff she could actually taste. Both of us found our body chemistry got messed up while we were feeling crummy, and nothing tasted right. So I figured once she wasn't feeling so sick, the pancakes would be a dead issue.

You see, Miss Chef doesn't like breakfast food! Waffles, pancakes, eggs--especially eggs--do not interest her in the least. Bacon? Okay, but she'd rather have it in a BLT.

So I was quite surprised last night when I asked her what she was making there in the kitchen, and she answered "pancakes." I honestly don't remember ever seeing her make pancakes before. That's my area: pancakes, French toast, waffles, even biscuits (not bad for a Yankee, huh? But Miss Chef's the one who taught me). Miss Chef will taste 'em, especially the biscuits, but she's never been interested enough to make them.

So we had pancakes and bacon for dinner. So much for getting some veggies into me! Of course, her pancakes, even though made from the same box of Bisquick I use, fried up fluffier and more savory (I suspect extra butter and/or bacon fat). For someone who doesn't really like pancakes, she sure knows how to fry 'em up!

Of course, the whole house smells of bacon, even now, 24 hours later. Miss Chef thought the smell must be driving the dog mad, so she brought Rosie a piece. I heard her saying "Now, who's the best Mama in the world?" Oh sure, sell out for a piece of bacon...but let's see who you love when you hear the word "walk" tomorrow!

Thanks for the bacon...but I know you have more up there.

After dinner, I had a little couples project in mind! Seems everyone's doing the Newlywed Game quiz--Liz, Alix and the Courteous Chihuahua so far. So I printed out the questionnaire and we filled 'em out and compared notes.

But...that's a story for another day! In other words, it'll probably take me some time to type it all in, so I'll post it tomorrow.

In the meantime, there are some leftover pancakes in the freezer with my name on 'em!


  1. Your breakfast looks much better than the one I had for dinner tonight. Yummmmmmm. I wish I were married to Miss Chef.

  2. yes you can have chickens, y'all should be urban homesteaders.

    Glad y'all are back with the living.

  3. Rosie is such a beautiful dog. I smile every time I see her!

    How can Miss Chef not like breakfast food?? Breakfast is one of my FAVE meals!! And the less healthy, the better!


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