Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miss Chef Snores on the Couch

We are still sick. The daffodils have finally started to open; ours seem to be the last on the block to join the show. Other than that, I'm afraid the earliest part of spring is proceeding along without me.

I finally managed to drag myself down the block to walk the poor dog. She's been trapped in the house with us for four days now, and I expect her halo to appear at any moment. She did wake Miss Chef from a doze yesterday by enthusiastically licking her bare feet. I heard a surprisingly energetic "Oh my goodness!" from the other room, and had to come running to investigate. I ended up giggling, much to Miss Chef's bemusement, as I don't think I've ever heard her use that exclamation before. "What the...?!" would have been much more in character for her.

I also managed to put on clothes, brush my teeth, and drive--yes drive!--to the store this afternoon. We didn't need much, but we've run through all the bread and juice, and who wants soup without crackers? I was back in the car, ready to head home, when my cell phone buzzed in my pocket.

"Hi Hon," I said, seeing the number was Miss Chef's. She had been fast asleep when I left the house.

"Are you still at the store?"

"I was about to come home. Why?"

"Oh. Well...can you get me a hamburger and some ice cream?"

I find Miss Chef's little cravings endearing; she'd wanted a hamburger last night, but I was in no mood to get it after the sun went down and the temperature dropped into the 20s. Today, although I had already run through my brief spurt of energy, she sounded positively woebegone; how could I say no? So I had to make another couple of stops--fortunately, Five Guys' Burger & Fries are on the way home (how did we get so lucky?). I put in my order, and buzzed down the strip to BiLo, to pick up the ice cream. Lo and behold, Girl Scout cookies, just outside the door! Fortunately, I hadn't sent all my money away from my last paycheck, so I scooped up an embarrassing number of boxes on my way back to get my burger.

By the time I made it through all this, I knew that, in spite of being the healthy one at home, I still wasn't better. I was moving at half speed in a world permanently settled into 5th gear. I was very glad to get home, drop all my bags and rejoin Miss Chef on the couch. Where we proceeded to enjoy the first full meal either one of us had eaten in days. Mmm, hamburgers.

I do take care of my baby, don't I?


  1. Aye you do. You're both lucky to have each other.

    PS: I love how you're opening up and telling us all kinds of great stuff about you and Miss Chef. I'm glad she's cool with it too, Flar, because I really feel like I'm getting to know you both. And that's always the best part about following blogs. Good show!

  2. What in the world o y'all have? If I was closeby, I'd run some errands for ya. Take care,

  3. At least you're still among the half-living! Both of you sick - that's rough. I hope the burgers and ice cream (and G.S. cookies!) helped!


  4. I got behind on the blogs I follow and didn't even know you two were so sick. Glad you are both feeling a little bit better anyway! Everyone should have someone that cares enough about them to bring them ice-cream when they feel bad. :)


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